Caboclo Tribe - Parica

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Our Caboclo Paricá Hapé blend is not for the faint of heart, it is a powerful medicine for deep work. This mix is energizing and grounding. It is made with ashes from the bark of a tree known locally as Paricá and other medicinal plants. This hapé can induce visions and take you into deep meditation.



Hapé is an ancestral medicine, crafted by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon. It is used for a deep connection with spirits, animals, and Mother Nature, possessing powerful purifying and healing virtues for the body, mind, and soul. It supports grounding and facilitates meditation. Its effect is amplified by our intentions and the receptivity to the medicine. It is cultivated and crafted with profound respect for Mother Earth. This plant is incredibly potent, possessing healing power. It is deeply revered by indigenous peoples and is considered an ancestral medicine rich in ancient wisdom.

This sacred medicine requires several days of preparation and is a highly laborious process carried out ceremonially, using various healing Amazonian medicinal plants, leaves, trees, and seeds from indigenous lands.


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